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Softcraft – Oracle Database Development and Design

Softcraft Ltd is IT consulting company specializes in Oracle database development and design. We provide high quality service in Oracle Database application design, optimisation, continuous integration and deployment.

approach has several benefits:

  • preserving existing test data
  • easy to deploy individual changes
  • rerunnable scripts
  • easy to revert schema changes
  • minimum DBA involvement


Softcraft runs numbers of open-source free software products. All of them are distributed under GNU GPL v3 licence. Some of them like CORT has dual licensing. So you can download free version under GNU license or purchase ultimate proprietary license with full support, guarantee and additional functionality. Please contact us if you are interested in professional support of CORT product. Buchse Schwarz Superheld sign up bonus at online casino Free casino video games ssi Best and online casino Casino rentals orange county ca roulette 5 mayan riviera Jackpot joy slots facebook cheatsheet blackjack last remnant Is chumash casino kid friendly Online slots casino furniture